Established in 2006
Famous own-brand clothing from Taiwan, leading trend of fashion and exceptional customer service
Clothing can not only enhance how you look, but also express your personality and how you feel
Striving for the perfect balance between texture and design
We have designed the clothing you want to wear
The best clothing – Just for women in Malaysia & Singapore

QUEEN SHOP has gone viral on Yahoo Auction, was named a Popular Brand on Yahoo Auction for the second consecutive year.  
We established the first brick-and-mortar in Taipei soon after becoming famous on Yahoo Auction, so that customers could try on dresses in person.  
And then we established an official website for QUEEN SHOP.  We expanded stores to central Taiwan and held a Christmas concert.


·We sponsored tens of thousands of fluorescent sticks for the “One in a Thousand World Tour” concert of Della. 
   Have a spectacular pink fluorescent sea in Taipei Arena, so that the whole fans had an unforgettable memory.
· We invited Della to be a deputy shop manager of the day at QUEEN SHOP, Della interacted with the fans.  
    And we donated 10% of that day’s incomes to “Little Sisters of the Poor”.
· Collaborated with Godfrey Gao, launched jumble sale of T-shirts.  And we donated 20% of T-shirts’ incomes to “Taiwan Foundation for the Blind”.


· We held a large-scale outdoor picnic in URS27, had fun with everyone.  And we donated all of our incomes of market to “New Hope Foundation”.
· Collaborated with Eunice Lin 151 and Esther Wu, launched tote bags and clutch bags.
· Did a cooperative crossover with Warner Brothers Looney Tunes to launch new products. 
    Brand designers developed product series let the cartoon stars not only appeared in the animation, but also accompany us in life.


· Established the first brick-and-mortar in Hualien
· QUEEN SHOP supported the Magpies to be brave to dream, we collaborated with “Children Are Us Foundation”.  
    During that time, we donated 10% of the settlement amount as a Dream Fund.
· Collaborated with “Formosa Cancer Foundation”. We donated all of our incomes of the short pants we designed to foundation. 
    Let the foundation advocate prevention of cervical cancer.
· Did a cooperative crossover with DreamWorks to launch new products.


· Launched new seasonal products and uploaded all seasonal brand products onto the official website.
· Collaborated with such academic institutions as the 34th NCCU Golden Melody, SHU University, 
    and FJCU University’s Department of Textiles & Clothing.
· Collaborated with TOKYO BOPPER & PYUAN through a cross-industry alliance
· Collaborated with the movie “Girls 2” through a cross-industry alliance
· Collaborated with famous cartoon in America – POPEYE to launched new products
· Made APPLE PAY a payment option for all QUEEN SHOP stores in Taiwan
· QUEEN SHOP selected as a VOGUE FASHION NIGHT OUT and Mercedes Benz Authorized Shop


· There are 18 stores in Taiwan

We heard your advice, bring the most textured clothes to people in Malaysia and Singapore, close to your life.